Corporate, Lively, Vibrancy

Project 4

Click – IT

Technical department 


The client’s felt that their office space was feeling monotonous and uninspiring. When we met our clients we noticed it is a company of young dynamic people. We were inspired by their humble and energetic nature, therefore, our goal was to bring the same characteristic to their office space. Their brief was to add some colour and features to bring life to the space in order to inspire and uplift their employees and staff.


In each room we added a navy blue feature wall to provide an ambiance. In the technical department we added abstract artwork consisting of red, yellow, blue and white. This provides the room with a more bright and cheerful look and feel. Artificial plants were added to the decor giving life to the office. The beauty of artificial plants is that there is no  maintenance required and they are designed, shaped and painted to look and feel like the real thing.


Call center


We added signage of the company name and logo to the call center’s feature wall where it is exposed to Click-IT’s clients. Our design principle was to make it a focal point resulting in grabbing the attention of those who walk into the building.


Alan – Director 


We were truly inspired by Alan’s talent for nature photography. It was a must to frame the photos in a wood finish frame which fits appropriately to nature and wild life. This feature adds a personal touch and our aim was to emphasize this feature making a statement as you enter the room.


Octavia – General manager 


Our goal was to bring in an elegant and feminine touch to the general manager’s office. The watercolour artwork with splashes of gold provides femininity and gracefulness much like Octavia’s personality. Simply adding a vase with artificial white orchids to her desk brings life and exuberance which in turn exerts better work performance to everyday tasks.


Coffee station


The coffee station was looking dull and empty. Our vision was to liven it up by adding shelves where the mugs are neatly placed making it easily accessible, unlike the previous cabinet where employees and staff had to reach down to open the not-so-smooth sliding doors. The striking white against the navy blue wall makes the space seem bigger than it actually is.




Adding an array of frames with inspiring and humorous quotes to brighten up employee’s day.